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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just be urself!!

Well, I always try to be a good person, and I’m aware I have many flaws. I think we all do, and to pretend otherwise is to lie to yourself, because no one is perfect. But perfection as a concept is boring.

Recently a friend told me that I pick up the characteristics of the people around me, including bad ones… In other words, if I’m with someone who’s very bubbly, I become bubbly, if I’m with someone who’s judgemental, I become judgemental. ..hehe..

I know I’m not perfect, but I try to be self-aware. I have never noticed this in myself before. I’m not sure if she’s even right. I think she doesn’t know me very well…
Yes!! when I’m around positive people, I usually feel more positive, and the same is true about negative people, but I think that’s the case with most people (to a degree). I know I’m emotionally influenced by others very easily. One smile can make my day ...wonderful!!!, one frown can put me in a slump. But it’s not always the case. I think she really doesn’t know me very well, I’d trust the opinion of an old friend much better, or simply a friend that I can be myself around, completely...but, for some reason her words disturbed me, and confused me, because the examples of things I had done wrong, I didn’t and still don’t perceive as wrong. ..Yes, perhaps it’s immature, but I thought it was hilarious, and if anything I was laughing at myself....^_^

but...i really thankful..respect her!!..
thanks my dear frenz...♥♥♥♥


Maybe it’s a miscommunication, a misunderstanding. I’m not really sure…HuHu

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