“You are the sky and everything else – it’s just the weather.”

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Past, Present & Future~

My Past…; i learnt that whatever happened in my past, made me stronger and wiser. everything happens for a reason and makes us what we are today. bad experiences are equally important to the good ones. i forgive myself for all the mistakes i did and the people who did wrong to me..

My future…; nobody knows what will happen in their future. and that is the whole point which makes life exciting. whatever happens, i know that at the end of it, it will be alright. i will be happy no matter what and will always have some people by my side who love me for who i am like my family. i will have more learning experiences like i had in my past and i will also make many more good memories to remember in the coming time. 
My present…; the time i have now will never come back. i cannot live it again. so why not make the best of it? i will do whatever makes me happy. spread love in the lives of people who make my life worth living. whatever decisions i make in my present will affect my future, so make my decisions wisely. but i will not worry for the outcome


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