“You are the sky and everything else – it’s just the weather.”

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm in Love (lyrics)

To be honest from the
first time we met,
saying i like you was not easy for me to do...
if i don’t approach you first
i was afraid of losing you,
i wrote letters and prepare
small gifts for you...
if my love for you,
goes any deeper.
it would only hurt me more...
its true my mind is full of fear...
i pray with all my heart,
the person that i’m hoping for,
i believe that person is you,
i’m in love...
i fall in love...
there’s no way around it,
i can’t hide my heart,
you’re so beautiful,
i thought i never gonna fall in love,
but i’m in love,
cause i wanna love you baby
thruthfully, from the first time i met you,
somewhere inside my heart...
you crashed like a strong wave,
you’re the only thing...
i think about all day,
i can be a good lover,
wanna be your four-leafed clover,
i will make you feel like,
the happiest person in the world.
you gotta believe me,
make you never gonna leave me,
i won’t make you promises,
i will just show it to you,
i’m in love
with you baby
i fall in love
there’s no way around it...

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